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International Guest House Kathmandu

Established In 1980 As a small Guest House accommodation, In It's 24 Years of serving guests from all over the world it now stands as one best hotel addresses In Thamel, Kathmandu.
One minute away from bustling Thamel with it's restaurants, shops, clubs and bars. We are At a quiet residential location yet next to all action, managed by A Gurung Family, they have from time to time renovated it's premises ,rooms and garden bringing a style unique to the culture Of Nepal.
A new building dedicated to Newari style using typical Newari Dachi appabricks, combining with wood carved windows which are original and 100 Years Old, which have been collected by the owner to preserve for future generations. We have now 45 rooms spread across two wings. From Common, Standard, Deluxe and Superior Deluxe Rooms. The new wing has Superior Deluxe Rooms with all facilities of luxury Hotels.
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  • Room Include Breakfast.
  • Free wifi.
  • Free Safe Deposit Box.
  • Free Luggage Storage .
  • Free pick up from International Airport on arrival.


About Kathmandu
One of the least expensive travel locations in the world is Kathmandu. There's a rich history in the area for you to enjoy behind the sights, smells, and sounds of your travel experience.

The backstreets of the area will open you up to the history and culture. In the capital you'll find courtyards, workshops, and temples to explore that have stayed the same for many years. The country will open up before your eyes when you explore some of these amazing areas.

The History
We can go back to the 12th century to trace the foundation of Kathmandu which was during the Malla Dynasty. The documented history can be traced the way back to Kiratis which was during the 7th century.The original settlement was driven by the Tibet trade route and allowed the city to grow.

Kantipur was the original name of Kathmandu and during the Malla Dynasty, this area flourished. During this era many monuments, temples and other structures were built. The area of Kathmandu was originally independent, but a Mall king called Bhaktapur, united the area. Three independent kingdoms came into being in the 15th century during a time of division. This were Bhaktapur, Patan, and Kathmandu. There was rivalry during this time as wellas war with each area left weakened as a result. Prithvi Narayan Shah invaded the area in 1768. Nepal was then united and the Shah Dynasty followed with Kathmandu becoming the capital which it has held until this day.

The Culture
There's a lot of sculpture and art in the Kathmandu Valley. You'll find these in the gompas, stupas, shrines, temples, chaityasm, and other areas around Kathmandu.

Are galleries and museums are also prevalent here. Some of these include the Natural History Museum of Nepal, the Hanumandhoka Palace Complex, and the National Museum of Nepal.

In Kathmandu it's the center or art in the Nepal area. You'll find works by both historical artists as well as contemporary ones. The art evokes both modern themes as well as the traditionalism of the area. Some of the best galleries include the Srijana Contemporary Art Gallery and the NAFA Gallery.

You'll find over 70,000 books in the National Library of Nepal. There's also Nepalese cinema and theaters located in Kathmandu too. Dane and music is also prevalent in the city. The traditional music festival is Gunla.

Traditional food is called dal bhat which is lentil soup and rice served with achar and vegetables.


  • Durbar Square - Kinds of the city were crowned here in the past.
  • Garden of Dreams - An amazing enclave with true beauty in Kathmandu.
  • Swayambhunath Temple -This is called the Monkey Temple due to the number of monkeys found in the northwestern area of this temple.
  • Hanuman Dhoka - During the Licchavi period this museum was founded. NarayanhitiPlalace Museum - This is a public museum, but was once the place of monarchs.

In Kathmandu you can also take mountain flights or go trekking to various areas. We have everything to make your stay in Kathmandu a memorable one, so book with us today!

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